40 Kids By 20 Women

Channel 5, 1 x 60'

What is it like to have fathered more than 40 children? Mike, Keith, Nick and Russian are four fathers from different backgrounds who collectively have over 70 children with more than 40 women. While some of them see their babymaking abilities as a gift from God that should not be wasted, others have come to realise that a penchant for pulling women without proper protection can result in problems.

Confessions of a Hitman: The John Childs Story

Crime & Investigation Network, 1 x 60'

In a brand new and exclusive one-hour special, The John Childs Story investigates Britain's most prolific hitman and one of the most mysterious, cold-blooded killers ever known.

Being Mum

AOL Originals, 12 x 5’

Hosted by two of the nation’s favourite mothers - Rochelle Humes and Tess Daly - in Being Mum we meet a range of mums with remarkable stories to discuss the ups, the downs, ins and outs of what motherhood is really like.


AOL Originals, 12 x 5’

In one of AOL’s first original UK video series, Richard Bacon meets incredible people whose thirties have been their making. From Olympians to the founders of the UK’s most successful companies, Richard is out to find out what life is like for the thirtysomethings who have steamed ahead and risen to phenomenal success. 



BBC Radio 5 live, 3 x 60'

The BBC's first radio show totally dedicated to property matters, from buying and selling to social housing and renting.