Emma Smithwick

Creative director

Emma has over 12 years' experience working in the film and television industry.  Emma has produced comedy & drama at the BBC before becoming a commissioning editor for BBC Switch. She then moved in to writing as a staff writer for BBC Two's The Cut before heading back in to producing, where she was series produced Hollyoaks for Lime Pictures. 

Emma buzzes off working with writers of all levels to shape an idea/script and to work collaboratively to bring it to the screen. Having cut her teeth in film, working for an LA based film producer, Emma read as many scripts as she could get her hands on and saw first-hand what was getting made, how and why. Flash forward 12 years and Emma's love of storytelling, screenwriting and the craft has taken over almost every waking thought in some way or another. She is hell bent on finding brilliant original voices, facilitating and nurturing creativity and ultimately, getting the best stories out there in whatever way she can.